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Podcast Rebellion: Where does Ole Miss go from here?

The 2016 season hasn't started as expected. This week's 'cast dives into how it will finish.

Even we at the Cup, who were bashed by the Twitter masses for being doom-and-gloom pessimists for our preseason 9-3 prediction, underestimated the problems facing this year's Ole Miss team. An irreparable structural flaw at linebacker has condemned the entire defensive design, the offensive line hasn't taken the expected step forward, Chad Kelly's decision-making has regressed and Hugh Freeze's play-calling in critical situations is just as dicy as it ever was. That's all added up to a 3-5 start that would have been unfathomable to the majority of the Rebel fanbase in late August.

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This week's cast dives headfirst into the chaos, sorting through the mess at linebacker, the ever-increasing shouts for fired assistants, the red zone play-calling, the inconsistent run game again and how the last four games will shake out, Beginning this weekend against Georgia Southern.