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Podcast Rebellion: What went wrong for Ole Miss in 2016?

Defense. Injuries. Playcalling. Woof.

This season was one to forget for Ole Miss fans. Not only do you blow two huge leads against top 10 teams in the first three weeks, but you also lose your best player on team at the most important position. Not to mention, the Ole Miss defense was nothing more than a bunch of warm bodies swaying back and forth for most of the season.

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On this episode, Gray and Zach get the Egg Bowl scaries out of their system by reheating their takes and doing three things that they think made this season awful. Whether the fellas are talking about the defense underachieving and then some, the red zone playcalling being atrocious and the several key injuries that really hurt this team this season.

Join in and tell us in the comments what three things defined the season for you.