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Around the SEC: LSU reportedly wants Jimbo Fisher

Les Miles to Purdue? Jimbo Fisher to LSU? Schrödinger’s Charlie Strong? You, yes YOU, to Texas Tech? EVERYTHING’S IN PLAY.

Florida State v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Ah, Thanksgiving week. Wonderful because it offers up some of the best college football matchups of the year. Horrible because it signals the all-too-sudden conclusion of the college football season.

But 2016’s Thanksgiving week turkey also offers up a spicy seasoning of COACHING RUMORS. Two colossi of CFB currently have their names bandied about in connection to Purdue and LSU, and as ever the meat and potatoes in this feast of a story involves one Les Miles.

That’s right: as the Pilot News’ (sure) Doug Griffiths asserts, Purdue “football” is close to an agreement with your favorite grass-fed signal caller. BUT! As SB Nation’s Purdue blog Hammer and Rails points out, and Griffiths himself admits, this latest rumor or whatever is nowhere close to concrete. (Griffiths is the former editor of a Scout site devoted to Purdue athletics, and we’re all too aware of those outlets’ journalistic bona fides, which is to say please like, share and subscribe.)

How perfectly B1G it would be to have Miles, Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer all in the same conference. Wonderful.

Jimbo Fisher to return to LSU?

Speaking of anonymously sourced reports, The Advocate’s Ross Dellenger writes that LSU leadership is keen on Jimbo Fisher taking over head coaching duties next season, what with interim head coach Ed Orgeron face-planting against Florida last Saturday in Baton Rouge. Speaking of that game, here’s a tweet that is true.

Fisher was offensive coordinator in the early 2000s first under Nick Saban then under Miles, and it’s widely assumed that whoever takes over in Death Valley need have a strong offensive coaching background. Bud Elliott spoke with Fisher earlier last week, and ole Jimbo is focused on football and loving life in Tallahassee.

I did [see the report] when I walked out of a meeting, had no idea. But here’s the thing: I’m not going to talk about any jobs. I love being at Florida State. I plan on being here and I’m just getting ready for Syracuse. That’s the last thing I’m going to say on that. No offense to anybody or anything else, that’s just what I’m going to do. I love being here.

Not exactly the staunch denial FSU fans may want. But seriously, a big name coach who consistently recruits well but underperforms relative to fans’ and the media’s expectations? What could be more LSU than that?

Butch Jones to players: I’m just glad you tried.

Say, coach, what are your feelings now that you’re not going to Atlanta (again) even though you were ranked hilariously high back in Week 1?

Oh no. Surely the internet won’t hammer him for this remark ...

Oh dear.

It can’t get worse, can it?

Even Wolken owned you, Butch. WOLKEN.

Will Muschamp remains a lovable weirdo.

Here’s renowned mathematician and South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp on the nature of time, holidays, meals and football practice.

... OK? Far more reasonably, however, is Muschamp’s insistence on “winning the state” of South Carolina and ruining Clemson’s season in the process. The game’s in The Other Death Valley, though, so good luck, coach.

Enjoy your Egg Bowl, folks.