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Podcast Rebellion: Things we hated about Ole Miss' loss to Vandy

Everything was bad.

We could all agree that this feeling is all too familiar, but this time it is even worse. After somewhat resurrecting the 2016 season that was lost in the weeds thanks in large part to injuries, talent deficiencies in key spots and coaching decisions that are just mind-boggling, Ole Miss lost on the road to a bad SEC East team that just got whipped by another bad SEC East team.

After jumping out to an early 10-0 lead, Hugh Freeze's team absolutely deflated and the defense was ripped to shreds by a Vanderbilt offense that has been absolutely miserable all season. Poor tackling, blown coverages and getting outcoached have unfortunately been the theme for this season's defense. And Saturday was just further proof that wholesale changes need to be made.

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Sometimes listening to others to bitch and moan can make you feel better. But, if you don't want to listen, I totally understand. And, hey, The Ghost of Jay Cutler joins us to yell about stuff.

We're hungover and griping about:

  • Poor offensive line play
  • WRU's bankrupt endowment
  • Oh Landsharks! Where Art Thou?
  • Akeem Judd had a rug pulled out from under him
  • Hey, the red zone playcalling was once again atrocious
  • Evan Engram deserves better