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College football rankings 2016, Week 12: Chaotic Saturday pushes Louisville, Ohio State into top 4

Michigan remains in the AP's top four, while Clemson and Washington are still lurking.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

College football's Week 11 was officially CHAOS SATURDAY as three of the top four teams in the College Football Playoff ranking fell to lesser opponents. Clemson started things off with a loss to Pitt, then Washington drowned beneath USC, and finally Michigan wetted itself in a loss to Iowa. Incredible.

What's interesting here, though, is how little of an effect those losses had on the overall polls picture. With the exception of No. 1 Alabama and No. 14 Western Michigan, everybody has at least one loss now. No. 3 Louisville jumped two spots from No. 5, leapfrogging now-No. 5 Clemson, who beat the Cardinals way back in Week 5. Ohio State returns to No. 2 after relinquishing that spot with a loss to Penn State in Week 8. (Michigan's loss to Iowa throws a big ole monkey wrench into the B1G title race, by the way).

You'll be shocked to learn that Alabama remains No. 1 in the land, and you'll be equally shocked to learn that Auburn's loss to Georgia grants the Crimson Tide yet another SEC West title. Sigh.

Anyway, below are the Week 12 AP Top 25, Coaches Poll, and S&P+ rankings. This is the first week all season that the S&P+ has aligned the No. 1 team with both major polls. And oh yeah, Troy is ranked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rank AP (Previous) Coaches (Previous) S&P+
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Ohio State (6) Ohio State (5) Michigan
3 Louisville (5) Louisville (6) Ohio State
4 Michigan (2) Michigan (3) Louisville
5 Clemson (3) Clemson (2) Clemson
6 Wisconsin (7) Wisconsin (7) LSU
7 Washington (4) Washington (4) Washington
8 Oklahoma (9) Oklahoma (9) Wisconsin
9 Penn State (12) West Virginia (10) Auburn
10 West Virginia (11) Penn State (14) USC
11 Utah (13) Utah (12) Florida State
12 Colorado (16) Colorado (15) Penn State
13 Oklahoma State (17) Oklahoma State (17) Oklahoma
14 Western Michigan LSU (19) Colorado
15 USC (NR) Florida State (18) Boise State
16 LSU (19) Auburn (8) Western Kentucky
17 Florida State (20) Nebraska (20) Florida
18 Auburn (8) Florida (16) San Diego State
19 Nebraska (21) USC (NR) Miami
20 Washington State (23) Washington State (NR) Ole Miss
21 Florida (22) Western Michigan (NR) Texas A&M
22 Boise State (24) Texas A&M (11) Troy
23 Texas A&M (10) Boise State (24) VCU
24 San Diego State (NR) North Carolina (13) Western Michigan
25 Troy (NR) San Diego State (NR) Appalachian State