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Podcast Rebellion: Things we loved and hated about the comeback win over Texas A&M

Shea Patterson: good! Overthinking redzone playcalling: bad!

Oh, my.

I need a moment.

[takes moment]

Ok, wow so Ole Miss goes on the road and steals a win over a top 10 team on the shoulders of five-star do-it-all quarterback Shea Patterson. The redshirt was pulled and the red cape was thrown on. The kid was masterful in his first EVER collegiate start in front of 104,000+ at Kyle Field, totaling 402 total yards and threw two touchdown passes. There's nothing really else to say. Patterson had the poise of a veteran and the defense rallied around the newfound confidence on offense to halt A&M and give Gary Wunderlich a chance.

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But, enough about all that awesome stuff, you're here to hear all the scorching hot hangover taeks from Gray and myself. And we pull no punches as we touch on the good and the bad from Saturday's remarkable finish. As you know, as an Ole Miss fan nothing comes easy.

We talmbout this:

  • Shea Patterson, duh
  • The early retirement of the Pellerin Brief
  • Greg Little vs. Myles Garrett
  • Blown coverages again
  • The 2016 class earning their keep
  • Stupid, dumb squib kicks
  • Fadol "Get Over Here" Brown
  • Red zone playcalling