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People are mad online about Ole Miss QB Shea Patterson

Or “how dare Ole Miss let him wear No. 20.”

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Texas A&M
“Givin’ the thumbs up to the DANG PC BEAR?!”
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Ole Miss rebels overcame a 21-6 deficit at the start of the fourth quarter to win 29-28 against No. 8 Texas A&M in College Station. To call it a remarkable comeback does not give it the proper weight, as the Rebels pulled it off with a stunning second half performance from true freshman quarterback Shea Patterson, who was once recruited as the top high school player at his position. Patterson, who was to be redshirted this season, was thrust into action this week after a knee injury to starting quarterback Chad Kelly and performed well beyond even the most optimistic of expectations Rebel fans had of him.

Being that this marked an occurrence where something good happened to the Ole Miss Rebels football program, people got mad about it. And when haters get mad (for whatever reason), they take to Twitter to let us all know just how mad they are. We, in performing a valuable service to our loyal readers, then worked diligently to collect and categorize instances of people getting upset on the net about Ole Miss football. This is the product of that work.

So how were people mad, and at what exactly? Let’s take a look!

People were mad at ESPN

People were upset about Hugh Freeze’s crootin’

People were mad enough to hope for NCAA intervention into the situation

People were upset that Shea Patterson’s jersey number isn’t one normally given to a quarterback

For real, a lot of people were bothered by the guy’s number

No, we don’t get it either

And lastly, people were mad that their friend got eaten by a garbage can

RIP little dude