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Chad Kelly had to be restrained during a brawl at a high school football game

Chad didn’t throw any punches, but ran onto the field after a fight broke out on top of his little brother.

It’s a bye week in Oxford, but Chad Kelly’s still managing to get people upset on the net. The Ole Miss quarterback had to be pulled off the field of a high school football game during a benches-clearing brawl that erupted after his little brother took a late hit.

Chad was back in his hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. to watch his brother, Casey, quarterback a game for St. Joe’s High. According to Tom Martin of News 4 Buffalo, a late hit on Casey ignited a fight that brought both sidelines—Chad included—onto the field.

Here’s the video, which shows the late hit, the brawl and Chad being restrained by St. Joe’s coaches and players.

To be clear, there’s no evidence that Chad did anything other than run onto the field—no punches thrown, no physical altercation of any sort.

It’s not a great look for a guy whose temper got him kicked out of Clemson and, almost immediately after signing with Ole Miss, arrested at a bar in Buffalo. Still, this will inevitably be turned into a bigger deal than it probably should. A guy saw his brother take a cheap shot and disappear under a melee, so, in a moment of anger and concern, ran onto the field to help him.

Hugh Freeze released this statement: