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Podcast Rebellion: Has Ole Miss football lived up to your expectations this season?

With the Rebels heading into a bye weekend, let's take a look at each team in the SEC West and whether they've underperformed or over-performed through five weeks.

Ole Miss might be on a bye week but we're not. This week's Podcast Rebellion takes a step back to consider whether the 3-2 Rebels have met or fallen short of expectations through five weeks of football, a question we extend to the rest of the SEC West division. Poor linebacker play, weird play-calling and a blown lead to a Florida State team that suddenly doesn't look all that good are black marks. Still, this a young Ole Miss team that seems to have shaken off early-season disappointment and found it's rhythm over the last couple of weeks.

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Other things we talked about:

  • Would early and late signing periods in college football make things better or worse for Ole Miss?
  • Speaking of crootin, can we sign some linebackers already?
  • The hot topic of the week: The Pellerin Brief. Why is Hugh Freeze taking out his star quarterback on the goal line?