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College football rankings Week 10: The Playoff picture is coming into focus

Can Washington hold on to a College Football Playoff berth?

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday will see the release of the first College Football Playoff bracket, and assuming the CFP committee follows the current AP Top 25 poll, No. 2 Michigan would get No. 4 Washington and No. 1 Alabama would meet back up with No. 3 Clemson in the semifinal round. Both games would constitute must-watch television.

Week 9 saw the collapse of four undefeated teams as Boise State, Baylor, Nebraska and West Virginia all crumbled. Nebraska's L is perhaps the least egregious of the lot, inasmuch as No. 8 Wisconsin remains a potent football team. No. 17 Western Michigan is still undefeated -- though the Broncos had a bye this week -- and they'll put their 8-0 record on the line Tuesday night against Ball State. #MACTION BABY.

No. 10 Florida and No. 11 Auburn both jumped four spots this week after grueling wins over Georgia and [REDACTED], respectively. Washington State enters the AP Top 25 for the first time all season after a wild hair raiser win over Oregon State in Corvallis. COUGARS WANT BAMA, Y'ALL.

Below are the Week 10 AP Top 25, Coaches Poll and Bill Connelly's S&P+Go yell at Bill C on Twitter if you have the slightest inkling of disagreement with him. He loves that.

Rank AP (Previous) Coaches (Previous) S&P+
1 Alabama Alabama Michigan
2 Michigan Michigan Alabama
3 Clemson Clemson Louisville
4 Washington Washington Clemson
5 Louisville Louisville Washington
6 Ohio State Ohio State (8) Ohio State
7 Texas A&M (9) Texas A&M (10) LSU
8 Wisconsin (11) Wisconsin (11) Auburn
9 Nebraska (7) Florida (12) Florida
10 Florida (14) Nebraska (6) Wisconsin
11 Auburn (15) Oklahoma (15) Oklahoma
12 Oklahoma (16) Auburn (17) Colorado
13 Baylor (8) Baylor (6) Virginia Tech
14 WVU (10) LSU (19) FSU
15 LSU (19) WVU (9) Penn State
16 Utah (17) Utah (16) Texas A&M
17 WMU (20) UNC (20) USC
18 UNC (21) WMU (21) Baylor
19 FSU (12) FSU (14) Ole Miss
20 Penn State (24) Colorado (23) Boise State
21 Colorado (23) Virginia Tech (25) WMU
22 Oklahoma State (NR) Oklahoma State (28) Nebraska
23 Virginia Tech (25) Penn State (27) Appalachian State
24 Boise State (13) Boise State (13) WKU
25 Washington State (NR) Washington State (26) WVU