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Podcast Rebellion: Things we loved and hated about Ole Miss' win over Memphis

Eugene Brazley: good! Goal-line play calling: bad!

We're gonna be doing something new around these parts. Every Sunday, some of us will shake off our hangovers and talk about what we loved and what we hated about the Rebels game the day before. We're still playing around with when we'll publish this: either Sunday or Monday (if you have a preference, tell us in the comments). Either way, there's no better time to start this thing than after Ole Miss' 48-28 win over Memphis, which had plenty to love and hate.

Sure, the Rebs hung over 600 yards of offense on a quality Tigers team and beat them by 20 points. But shoddy play calling, poor linebacker play and the inability to JUST SACK THAT DAMN QUARTERBACK ALREADY allowed Memphis to pull within six points late in the third quarter.

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A few things we talked about:
  • Whoa, Ole Miss had over 600 yards of total yards, more please
  • Can we please forgive DeMarquis Gates for whatever he did?
  • What is going on in the red zone?
  • Do Carlos Davis and Rod Taylor have blackmail material on Hugh Freeze?
  • Do you have a nickname for the Jason Pellerin package?
  • Is Van Jefferson the next Vince Sanders but better?