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College football rankings: Ole Miss up to No. 14 after routine win at home

The Rebels are the highest ranked 3-2 team in the AP Top 25.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

There was a time during the third quarter of Ole Miss' 48-28 win over Memphis that Rebel fans could reasonably sense the nausea of an important win slipping away. After all, here was yet another 20 point lead dwindling under the weight of poor defense and anemic offense.

The Rebs pulled themselves together, though, and sped their way out of the Memphis trap and into a well-earned bye week before a double dose of road games at Arkansas and LSU. Mercy.

Week 5 saw Georgia, TCU, Michigan State, Texas and San Diego State fall on their respective faces, and for their sins they no longer sit among the AP's top 25. No. 10 Miami and No. 9 Tennessee are trending upward, as is No. 21 Colorado, who leapfrogged into the mixed FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2005. The Buffs, as Steven Godfrey points out, are now America's team.

Below are the current AP and Coaches Polls, along with Bill Connelly's latest S&P+ ratings. Fetch me the fainting couch, for Alabama and Ohio State sit atop all three.

AP (Previous) Coaches (Previous) S&P+
1 Alabama Alabama Ohio State
2 Ohio State Ohio State Alabama
3 Clemson (5) Clemson Michigan
4 Michigan Michigan (5) Clemson
5 Washington (10) Houston (7) Louisville
6 Houston Washington (9) Washington
7 Louisville (6) Texas A&M (10) Ole Miss
8 Texas A&M (9) Louisville (4) Florida
9 Tennessee (11) Tennessee (11) LSU
10 Miami (14) Miami (14) Miami
11 Wisconsin (8) Baylor (13) Texas A&M
12 Nebraska (15) Nebraska (15) Oklahoma
13 Baylor Wisconsin (8) FSU
14 Ole Miss (16) Ole Miss (17) Virginia Tech
15 Stanford (7) Stanford (6) Baylor
16 Arkansas (20) UNC (23) Houston
17 UNC (NR) Arkansas (22) Auburn
18 Florida (23) Florida (21) Wisconsin
19 Boise State (24) Boise State (27) Tennessee
20 Oklahoma (NR) West Virginia (30) TCU
21 Colorado (NR) FSU (12) USC
22 West Virginia (NR) Oklahoma (29) Boise State
23 FSU (12) Colorado (37) Nebraska
24 Utah (18) Utah (18) UCLA
25 Virginia Tech (NR) WMU (32) NC State