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Around the SEC Week 7: It’s time to root for CHAOS

No. 1 Alabama hosts No. 6 Texas A&M Saturday for a clash of undefeateds.

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With Ole Miss’ loss to Arkansas last Saturday — a loss that STILL RANKLES — all but two teams in the SEC West were essentially eliminated from consideration for the conference’s title game. No. 1 Alabama and No. 6 Texas A&M remain undefeated on the season, and Saturday’s head-to-head brawl presents the possibility for SEC CHAOS TO EXPLODE EVERYWHERE.

Here’s a scenario for consideration. Texas A&M somehow beats Alabama in Tuscaloosa Saturday, thereby giving RollTide its first loss of the season. Later, a two-loss Ole Miss somehow upsets A&M, thereby giving the Aggies their first loss of the season. The second of those propositions is of course more feasible than the first, but stay with us here. Finally, and this is where the real fun begins, Alabama loses the Iron Bowl (lol) and A&M incurs one more loss on its schedule, say, to LSU in the last week of the season.

Just like that, Ole Miss, Alabama and A&M all sit with two losses at season’s end. At that point, everyone would need to dive into the labyrinth of the SEC’s three-way tiebreaker rules, spiraling out to each team’s “combined record” and “combined head-to-head record” to arrive at ... SHEER CHAOS.

The SEC East is already dangerously close to CHAOS DIVISION, mainly due to the collectively parallel facts that (1) Georgia and Tennessee are terrible, (2) Kentucky is terrible but hasn’t played strong SEC opponents yet, and (3) Florida hasn’t played LSU yet.

All of this is to say that Alabama and Florida, today at least, appear on course to repeat last season’s little tiff in Atlanta. Which is why it’s time to root for BLOODY CHAOS in order to prevent that from happening.

SEC *basketball* media days began this week.

ESPN’s Andy Katz caught up with the incumbent Dean of SEC basketball, one Andy Kennedy.

Furthermore, the SEC media isn’t high on the Basketbears’ chances this season, picking Ole Miss to finish at or around ninth in the conference. HOWEVER, as assistant and friend of the site Kory Keys points out:

That’s right. AK has exceeded the SEC media’s expectations every year that he’s been at the helm in Oxford. It’s understandable that people aren’t picking Ole Miss in the top half of the conference — given the departure of Stefan Moody and the relative unknown quantity of Cullen Neal and other grad transfers — but it’s important to remember that preseason picks are virtually always meaningless. Just ask Colin Cowherd.

Elsewhere around the SEC ...

It’s no secret that Lane Kiffin has been slowly feeding the spread into Bama’s offensive scheme, and it’s driving some people insane.

The Auburn-Arkansas line has been jumping around all week, but the most surprising thing about it is that Auburn has been fairly heavily FAVORED all week.

Kirby Smart has finally lost control of UGA, but not so much that anyone’s been arrested yet.

Ed Orgeron learned a lot from his myriad and sundry coaching mistakes at Ole Miss. Know what? So did Ole Miss.

MISSING: Les Miles, age 62, possibly last seen riding the rails outside West Lafayette, Indiana. Contact your local precinct if spotted AND DO NOT APPROACH.