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A porn site offered Chad Kelly a date with a porn star

After getting shut down by Mia Khalifa, Kelly needs some dating advice.

Former adult film actress Mia Khalifa has twice put Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly on blast for sliding into her Twitter DMs. Having incurred such public embarrassment at the hands of Khalifa — a sports junkie and media person herself — Kelly has now earned the dubious honor of a potential date with one of PornHub’s actresses.

Per Dr. Saturday:

Corey Price, Vice President of the adult film studio, appears intent on helping Kelly through his many dating missteps and failed approaches to women who are far, far out of his league. Writes VP Price:

“I’d like to offer you an opportunity to go on a date with a porn star and learn how to best pick up women. Think of PornHub as your dating coach. We can arrange a lovely dinner date with one of our beautiful porn stars and she can show you the ropes. You can try various pickup lines on her, see which ones work, which ones fall flat.”

Kudos to Price, who, out of deference to potential NCAA violations such an arrangement might spur, is holding the offer open until after Kelly leaves Ole Miss. In the meantime, the Rebels’ defensive line coach Chris Kiffin is exhorting players to stay the hell off of social media.

Good advice, coach.