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College football rankings: Ole Miss plummets to No. 23 in Week 8 AP poll

Losing to Arkansas will do that.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Whichever way you slice it, Saturday's 34-30 loss to Arkansas -- the second consecutive such failure for Ole Miss -- renders the remainder of the Rebels' 2016 campaign virtually moot. A 6-6 record at season's end seems like a real possibility right now, and frankly you'd be hard pressed to find anyone among Rebel nation who actually gives a shit about that sad prospect.

Ole Miss dropped 11 ranks in the AP Top 25, but honestly No. 23 still feels generous given the Rebs' complete pants-wetting in Fayetteville. No. 23 in the AP and No. 22 in the Coaches Poll mask the fact that Hugh Freeze and his staff had a bewildered game plan approaching Arkansas and that when Ole Miss went down early they crawled into a hole to weather the storm. It was over before halftime.

The top two spots remain unchanged, of course. Alabama thoroughly whipped Tennessee, while Ohio State needed overtime to down a noble Wisconsin effort. No. 3 Michigan and No. 4 Clemson swapped rankings, while the big winner of the week was No. 12 West Virginia: the Mountaineers had previously been ranked No. 20.

Below are the updated Week 8 rankings from the AP Top 25, Coaches Poll, and S&P+. Whatever.

Rank AP (Previous) Coaches (Previous) S&P+
1 Alabama Alabama Michigan
2 Ohio State Ohio State Alabama
3 Michigan (4) Clemson Ohio State
4 Clemson (3) Michigan Clemson
5 Washington Washington Louisville
6 Texas A&M Texas A&M Washington
7 Louisville (10) Louisville LSU
8 Nebraska Baylor Auburn
9 Baylor (11) Nebraska Florida
10 Wisconsin (8) Wisconsin Ole Miss
11 Houston (13) Houston (12) Texas A&M
12 West Virginia (20) Florida (14) Oklahoma
13 FSU (14) West Virginia (18) Wisconsin
14 Boise State (15) Boise State (15) Baylor
15 Florida (18) FSU (16) FSU
16 Oklahoma (19) Oklahoma (20) Virginia Tech
17 Arkansas (22) Arkansas (22) Miami
18 Tennessee (9) Utah (21) Houston
19 Utah (21) Tennessee (11) Colorado
20 WMU (24) WMU (23) Penn State
21 Auburn (23) UNC (30) Nebraska
22 UNC (28) Ole Miss (13) Boise State
23 Ole Miss (22) LSU (23) USC
24 Navy (25) Auburn (26) West Virginia
25 LSU (29) Navy (28) NC State