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Podcast Rebellion: Things we loved and hated about Ole Miss' loss to Arkansas

Evan Engram: good! Everything else: bad!

The only thing that looked good on Saturday were Evan Engram and Ole Miss' powder blue helmets. The rest was, well, despicable. Hugh Freeze and the Rebels never once looked comfortable during a 34-30 loss in Fayetteville. It seemed like once Arkansas went up 7-0, everything went to shit. Chad Kelly was pretty average (by his standards), Bert's squad played a successful game of keep away that left the high-powered Rebs' offense watching from the sidelines and that once reliable pass rush never really got to Austin Allen.

Oh, and here's a shocker, the playcalling was bad. WHODATHUNKIT?!

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Here are some other things we discussed:

  • Chad Kelly ran the bell effectively.
  • Carlos Davis, Rod Taylor and Tony Bridges are a pyramid scheme.
  • Marquis Haynes played zone coverage.
  • The Landsharks are looking bad tackling in space.
  • Zedrick Woods is turning into a star.
  • Did we mention the playcalling was bad?