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College football rankings: Ole Miss moves up to No. 12

And they didn’t even have to play a game!

Memphis v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

While Ole Miss was resting through its bye week, the top end of the top 25 was experiencing some turnover. Group of 5 darling Houston, which many had pegged to go undefeated and crash the Playoff party, lost a shocker to Navy, while previously undefeated Miami dropped a close game to its in-state rival from Tallahassee. Both of those teams plummeted out of the top 10, opening the door for the Rebels to climb two spots without playing a snap.

Ole Miss jumped from No. 14 to No. 12 in the latest AP poll, which was released on Monday instead of Sunday because of Georgia’s hurricane-delayed game against South Carolina.

Houston (which dropped from 6 to 13) and Miami (10 to 16), weren’t the only top-10 teams to lose over the weekend. Tennessee’s luck finally ran out in a double-overtime loss to Texas A&M, though the Vols staid put at No. 9. The Aggies, who looked shaky enough in the win to throw doubt on their ability to threaten Alabama for the SEC West title, moved up two spots to No. 6.

Here’s the full AP poll as well as the latest Coaches and S&P+ rankings.

AP (Previous) Coaches (Previous) S&P+
1 Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Ohio State Ohio State Michigan
3 Clemson Clemson Ohio State
4 Michigan Michigan Clemson
5 Washington Washington (6) Louisville
6 Texas A&M (8) Texas A&M (7) Oklahoma
7 Louisville Louisville (8) Washington
8 Wisconsin (11) Baylor (11) LSU
9 Tennessee Nebraska (12) Florida State
10 Nebraska (12) Wisconsin (13) Florida
11 Baylor (13) Tennessee (9) Ole Miss
12 Ole Miss (14) Houston (5) Auburn
13 Houston (6) Ole Miss (14) Texas A&M
14 Florida State (23) Florida (18) Miami
15 Boise (19) Boise State (19) Tennessee
16 Miami (10) Florida State (21) Baylor
17 Virginia Tech (25) Miami (10) Penn State
18 Florida West Virginia (20) USC
19 Oklahoma (20) Virginia Tech (NR) Virginia Tech
20 West Virginia (22) Oklahoma (22) Houston
21 Utah (24) Utah (24) UCLA
22 Arkansas (16) Arkansas (17) BYU
23 Auburn (NR) Western Michigan (25) TCU
24 West. Michigan (NR) Arizona State (NR) Nebraska
25 Navy (NR) LSU (NR) Wisconsin