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Podcast Rebellion 1.55: The voice of THE SEASON helps recap the season

Jonathan Evans, who narrates Ole Miss' award-winning show, joins Borkberry and Ghost to read Katy Perry lyrics and tweets from mad State fans.

The Sugar Bowl has come and gone. The confetti has fallen and been swept up; the trophy was hoisted by Chad Kelly and Laquon Treadwell and it is now in the trophy case; Bourbon Street has been littered with the trash and bad decisions of wild heathens and, alas, has been cleaned up.

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Who better to help Borkberry and Ghost reminisce on the season that was than the voice of THE SEASON, Jonathan Evans. He also reads Katy Perry lyrics, mad State fan tweets and does a killer Obama impression.

Here are a few other topics we covered:

  • Our favorite moments from the season
  • The best parts of the show, THE SEASON
  • Random, funny Sugar Bowl stories
  • Which of the uncommitted croots we think is the most important
  • Will The Pavilion help basketball crootin?
  • Which restaurant we'd rather eat at: Steak 'n Shake or Raising Cane's