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Ole Miss recruiting: This weekend's visit list includes a trio of 4-stars

It may not be Crootapalooza, but this weekend will go a long way in shaping Hugh Freeze's 2016 class. Justin Connor, Quartney Davis, and Tre Nixon are among the seven names expected to make official trips to Oxford ... if the weather holds out.

Butch Dill/Getty Images

This isn't the weekend when Ole Miss fans pretend Oxford is better than Vardaman, but it's still a potentially important two days in the life of the program.

Sure, next weekend is the one that generates claims by MSU message boards that male Ole Miss fans force their wives, daughters, mothers, girlfriends, and sisters to go have sexual relationships with recruits (seriously.... that's a serious claim). There will be great players on campus this weekend as well though. Just not nearly as many.

And that's by design. The coaches want most of their recruits on campus when the students are back in town. It's tough for high schoolers to have as much fun in town when students aren't back. Shockingly, that's somewhat related to the presence of young people of the opposite gender (or same gender I guess).

So here they are. All rankings are pulled from the 247Sports Composite ranking since that aggregates rankings from all major recruiting sites. It's possible that some won't show up this weekend, namely due to the snow.


Justin Connor, Running Back (committed)

Connor is a longtime commitment from North Panola who is listed as the #19 running back nationally. The 5'10 190-pound prospect is a solid runner, but many project him to play a defensive position at Ole Miss. His shiftiness and speed could make him into a good cornerback in time. The Rebels lose a lot at that position over the next couple of years and are in need of help there.

Quartney Davis, Wide Receiver

Davis is the #24 receiver in the country and has a great offer list. With offers from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, A&M, and many others, he has a lot of great choices. Davis is 6'2 and shows good ball skill. I've been told not to get my hopes up over him though. For that reason, I'm not going to spend too much time talking about the guy. He does look to be very good though.

Tre Nixon, Wide Receiver

Tre Nixon is 6'1 and has great speed. The receiver on campus who fits that description the best is Quincy Adeboyejo, and maybe that's a good comparison for Nixon. But honestly, I think there's a lot of unknown about the second wide receiver slot in the Ole Miss signing class. The Rebels are in on a bevy of talented players at the position, and I imagine they're likely to land one.

Nixon recently narrowed his list to Auburn, Georgia, and Ole Miss. He's the type of receiver who could really compliment current commitment D.K. Metcalf, a bigger, physical receiver.


Royce Newman, Offensive Tackle

Newman is currently committed to Missouri, but the Rebels have put themselves in a good position to flip his commitment to Ole Miss. Newman is rated as the #33 tackle nationally. If he did switch to Ole Miss, that would give the Rebels the numbers 1, 23, and 33 tackles in the country. Talk about correcting a problem position.

Newman is listed at 6'7 255, so he certainly isn't an immediate answer at the position. His potential is quite good though, and a few years in a weight program could help him maximize said potential.

Chandler Tuitt, Offensive Guard (committed)

Tuitt is a guard prospect who likely would have been ranked a lot higher were it not for some concussion problems early in his career that have led schools to back off with worries that one more concussion could end his career. Tuitt is a strong player who gets very good push on the high school level. If he can make the adjustment to college and stay healthy he could be a fantastic player.

Tariqious Tisdale, LB, Lexington, TN (committed)

Tisdale is 6'5 250 and plays... linebacker. His game is about what you'd expect, but he's pretty fast and athletic for such a big guy. He'll always be better in run support than he is in coverage, but he isn't bad at the latter either. I do think it's likely he could move to defensive end during his career, but the coaches will certainly give him every chance at linebacker. That position is the weakest spot on the roster, and they have to find some answers there.