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Ole Miss got a commitment from a kicker who never kicks field goals

Four-star Justin Charette plays at Pulaski Academy in Arkansas, a school that never punts and almost always onside kicks.


On Wednesday evening, Justin Charette tweeted his plans to attend Ole Miss. The commitment of a kicker -- even one rated 4.5 stars -- isn't particularly intriguing in itself. But here's what makes Charette so damn interesting: he's a kicker who never actually kicks.

That's because Charette played for Pulaski Academy, the whacky Arkansas high school that always goes for it on fourth down and usually onside kicks*, a radical risk-assessment strategy that the numbers actually back up (and also won head coach Kevin Kelley a bunch of state championships). Charette attempted one field goal during his entire high school career ... and missed it. His 92 career kickoffs, most of which were onside kicks, netted an average of just 24.7 yards and only 10 touchbacks.

* PA also never returns punts, figuring the risk of a muff outweighs the chance of a big return. You taking notes, Hugh?


So why is Hugh Freeze interested in this guy? Well it turns out Charette is pretty good at kicking the ball when given the chance. Let's hear from Kohl's, an organization that puts on kicking camps:

Justin most recently attended the 2015 National Showcase Camp, he showed once again that his FG's are up there with anyone in his class, still needs to continue to become more consistent on KO's in order to move up in the rankings. Justin attended the 2015 TX Spring Showcase Camp and had a dominate day kicking the ball. He charted 10 made FG's and won the FG competition. Justin was invited to compete at the National Scholarship Camp in July of 2014, his FGs are at a 4.5 star level, good skills to improve on and solid potential to become a very good kicker.

Charette is a pretty impressive athlete, having played wideout, defensive back and kick returner for PA. He was also on the state-champion basketball team and was an all-state soccer player.

Here he is showing off his catching and tackling skills: