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The 2015 RCR Commenter Awards, or You Need to Find Something Better to Do

Seriously, is anyone here actually gainfully employed?

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The year 2015 was stellar for Ole Miss athletics, replete as it was with a New Year's Six bowl, a mini-run into the Big Dance, and a host of other accolades too numerous for this space. 2015 was also a banner year for traffic at Red Cup Rebellion dot com.

We couldn't have done it without you, our devoted readership, nor you, our vocal commentariat. The bane and boon of this sports site is its relatively open platform for all things Rebel sports fandom, a sort of tacit agreement between us, the writers, and you, the readers, to maintain a modicum of civility in the face of rabid support for Ole Miss athletics.

So it's time to give back to you, our punchy comment section, without whom GIFs of Marshall Henderson popping his jersey at Auburn's student section would be far, far less common than they otherwise would be on the World Wide Web. We've exempted authors from the totals -- kudos to our Zach Berry with 319 FanPosts/#whiskeyshots -- in the interest of recognizing you and only you.

Most FanPosts

That Rebel from the 615: 17 
rebelmark: 11
Queen Hoka-Hotty-Toddy: 8
Caustic J: 7
Hereismyboomstick: 7
DeuceForHeisman: 6
Cobbleson: 5
tuk u 2: 5
901_Reb: 5
OxpatchReb: 4

This is where I, as awards show emcee, might offer a meandering and platitude-ridden monologue on the assumed priority of quality over quantity, that the sheer energy required to open a new FanPost and pour forth your latest conspiracy regarding big-time wire transfers from nine Moscow bank accounts into a Starkville-area SunTrust is a superior expenditure of your time. "It's content!" I might gush, "honest and original content!"

In this regard, That Rebel from the 615 had an admirable year. 17 separate FanPosts is nearly one and a half per month, some very real dedication indeed. For your efforts, you have won an empty shoebox for a pair of size-11 men's Nike Air Pegasus. Good job.

Most Comments

(These totals reflect just your comments on Red Cup Rebellion, not those fires you've started elsewhere in the SB Nation universe, you rapscallions.)

901_Reb: 13,513
SidewalkHeckler: 7,199
OleMiss_Logo: 6,851
Schrödinger's Quarterback: 3,536
tuk u 2: 3,374
JonnyRebel_2005: 3,105
Noggin85: 2,824
OxpatchReb: 2,560
Moby: 2,220

Congratulations to 901_Reb, who has in fact earned two plaudits here: one for your year's highest thirteen thousand five hundred and thirteen comments, and one for the most outsized disproportion of FanPosts : Comments. You were just 815 comments shy of doubling up your closest competitor, SidewalkHeckler. Not bad, the both of you. You two can split this pair of size-11 men's Nike Air Pegasus (slightly used).

Rolling in third place, give it up for OleMiss_Logo, who -- without checking actual word counts -- probably, almost definitely, expended the most amount of verbiage per post into this here comment section. You are the lucky winner of an empty resealable bag labeled "EVIDENCE: MEN'S NIKE AIR PEGASUS SIZE-11 (SLIGHTLY USED)" from the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office.

Well done to all of you, and let's make 2016 RCR's most commented year in history.