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6'5, 305-pound Laremy Tunsil caught an Ole Miss touchdown on a trick play

That really happened.

As time expired in the first half, Ole Miss went to a trick play you'll surely be hearing about all offseason.

With big left tackle Laremy Tunsil tackle eligible, the Rebels showed some motion, caught Oklahoma State completely off guard, then were able to go into halftime with a huge 34-6 lead.

We don't often see big men see the end zone, and when we do it's that much better. Tunsil's teammates loved it so much, they even wound up getting an excessive celebration penalty, living it up after their large teammate got a taste of the good life.

This represented Ole Miss' second impactful trick play of the evening as well as the second that either culminated in a score or led to one shortly there after.

What kind of tricks will Hugh Freeze and company have in their tricks for the second half? We'll have to stay tuned to find out.