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Watch Chad Kelly and Ole Miss cook with gas against Oklahoma State

There's a lot of football to be played, but after a sluggish start, the Ole Miss offense is feeling it.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Points haven't been much of a problem for the 2015 Ole Miss Rebels.

With few exceptions, Hugh Freeze's bread and butter has worked as it usually does for much of the fall.

But the opening frame of the 2016 Sugar Bowl seemed to paint a different picture. As two otherwise explosive offenses struggled to get going, a surprise defensive struggle looked like it might rear its ugly head.

Enter Chad Kelly and Cody Core:

If that wasn't enough, in the Rebels' very next drive, Kelly found a receiver in the endzone again, this time Laquon Treadwell:

A lot can change with nearly three quarters of football to be played. But sure, we'll watch the Rebels dunking on Oklahoma State a couple more times for good measure in the mean time.