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Podcast Rebellion 1.34: The Chad Kelly Era cometh

Borkberry are joined by the Ghost of Jay Cutler as they discuss all 76 of the points scored by Ole Miss this past weekend, how Alabama and Auburn looked, the Laremy Tunsil saga and what to look forward to this week in college football.

You feel that? That's college football being back and your body is satisfied greatly. Get used to it, that feeling will be here until January. Speaking of college football, how fun was this past week? Chad Kelly's debut, Laquon Treadwell's return, a 73-point beatdown and the Landsharks eating again. Ah, yes, football is finally back in Oxford, Miss.

Kelly was impressive in his first start in the red and blue. Treadwell was tackled and then got back up and was perfectly fine. The offensive line looked better. Jaylen Walton is still spinning and running. Markell Pack and Quincy Adeboyejo looked like different receivers and collected touchdown catches. There were a lot of positive things to take away from the Rebels' opening day win. Look for this to continue next week against a very, very mediocre Fresno State team.

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  • What was your favorite Chad Kelly moment from Saturday?
  • What did YOU think of the offensive line?
  • How excited are you for Damore'ea Stringfellow?
  • Now how excited are you for DaMarkus Lodge?
  • Will Trae Elston find his way onto an All-SEC team?
  • Is Akeem Judd the thunder to Jaylen Walton's lightning?