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Grovin' with the Cup: UT-Martin

White was worn, swag was had, mimosas were pounded, skin was burned.

Imagine what it's like to walk in the Sahara desert wearing three layers of heavy parkas and long underwear, all while carrying two outdoor space heaters in each arm and a set of gas logs attached to your back... that's how I'd portray the heat I endured this past Saturday during Ole Miss' 76-3 win over UT Martin. The only saving grace of the day was the ability to stand under a Grove tent with a bounty of chicken tenders/nuggets/wings while double-fisting Newk's cup mimosas splashed with vodka. Fortunately, I was able to endure the sweat and heat among friends, family and locking the Vaught for the first time this season. Now that I have survived the hottest game day I've ever experienced, it's time to share y'all's perspective on the home opener.


I see you Bottletree Bakery pastry platter plus smoked salmon with dill spread.

Chandeliers and finger food. Where else but Ole Miss?

If you've ever been to the Walk of Champions near the zebra tent, you'll know it. They get the party started with Elvis' Dixie as soon as the last of the football team walks by. Their Grove game was strong as usual.

Looks like I wasn't the only one taking pictures of this sweet spread.

I'm not sure who came up with the idea to name the lanes after Rebel greats, but I love it. These road signs sure beat the hell out of the generic wire campaign signs they put up.

Your tweets

Friend of the Cup @GarrettMcInnis was in a great spot to hear The Pride of South perform its Grove routine. I'm sure he sang "Forward Rebels" with all the pride and gusto of someone auditioning for GLEE.

Another FotC and frequent commenter @RodT901 went old school with this Grove pic of him and Justin Bell. He went with the classy "grainy mustard" filter which is really making a splash in the Instagram scene right now.

As we mentioned in our postgame breakdown, the amount of white that Rebel faithful sported this past weekend was impressive. The "WEAR SAID COLOR" agenda has always been something that came across as more of a "strongly recommended" notion considering most fans wear as they damn please. I can't really blame the coeds though considering I want them to look their best regardless of what color they don. These girls knew what was up and killed their Grove game color assignment. Sweet clutch purse btw.

Here's a quick panorama of the whiteout within the Vaught (before everyone left before halftime, myself included)

Do you dare question the power of the sun and the heat that was endured in the Vaught? Randy Kennedy's cousin @JDRKennedy is here to show you just how much you should have been wearing SPF 9,000. I hope his watch is ok.

That's it for this week. Check back next week and be sure to include your outfit, tent set up, red cups, etc. with the #GroveCup. We want to make sure that our loyal readers and grovers get the recognition they deserve. See y'all for Fresno State!