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AP Poll rankings week 2: Ole Miss is still No. 17

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The CFB Playoff numbers game continues with the AP and Coaches Polls' week 2 rankings. Ole Miss is still No. 17 in the AP, and the SEC sees a few member programs jump up on the ladder.

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Week 1 of the 2015 college football season is in the books, and following a boozy two-ish day waiting period, the second officious AP Poll of the season was released on Tuesday. The SEC netted a record-setting 10 teams in the top 25, besting the conference's previous record of eight, and wouldn't you know it but the entire SEC West is ranked. YOWZA.

With no losses on the part of higher-ranked teams over the weekend, Ole Miss unsurprisingly retains their week 1 seat at No. 17 following a not-so-hollow 76-3 scorcher over UT Martin on Saturday.

TCU may be feeling salty in view of Alabama leapfrogging them into the No. 2 spot. Well, Roll Tide earned their shiny new spot in brutish fashion after blasting then-ranked No. 20 Wisconsin out of the top 25. Now that's a #B1G time loss!

Also of note: the Aggies of Texas A&M vaulted themselves 11 spots to No. 16 -- UGH -- after trashing then-ranked No. 15 Arizona State in Houston.

No. 9 Notre Dame's 38-3 shellacking of Texas, who was maybe sorta kinda supposed to be pretty alright this year, boosted them over the head of No. 10 Georgia, who doggy-paddled past Louisiana-Monroe, 51-14.

Also, CLANGA edged into the mix this week, up one spot to No. 25.

The AP and Coaches Polls for week 2 are below.

AP Top 25 Poll - Week 2
Rank Team
1 Ohio State
2 Alabama
4 Baylor
5 Michigan State
6 Auburn
7 Oregon
9 Notre Dame
10 Georgia
11 Florida State
12 Clemson
14 LSU
15 Georgia Tech
16 Texas A&M
17 Ole Miss
18 Arkansas
19 Oklahoma
20 Boise State
21 Missouri
22 Arizona
23 Tennessee
24 Utah
25 Mississippi State
Coaches Top 25 Poll - Week 2
Rank Team
1 Ohio State
2 Alabama
4 Baylor
5 Oregon
6 Michigan State
7 Auburn
8 Florida State
9 Georgia
10 USC
11 Notre Dame
12 Clemson
14 Ole Miss
15 LSU
16 Georgia Tech
17 Oklahoma
18 Arkansas
19 Texas A&M
20 Arizona
21 Missouri
22 Boise State
23 Tennessee
24 Wisconsin
25 Utah