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SEC Power Poll 2015: Week 1 Conference Ranking

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the SEC's first week is in the books. Almost everyone played terrible teams. Only one conference team lost. As you can imagine, that presents an interesting problem in trying to rank fourteen teams. I mostly went based on strength of first win and wasn't very forgiving for bad play even if everyone assumes it will get better. Like any poll, this will become a more accurate reflection of the league as the season progresses. But, here's my shot-in-the-dark power ranking. Feel free to pick it apart.

  1. Alabama - The one-two punch of Derrick Henry and Kenyon Drake is so, so scary.
  2. Texas A&M - I don't actually think A&M is as good as I'm ranking them, but putting them anywhere that isn't in the top three is silly after they beat a top 15 opponent.
  3. Georgia - Nick Chubb was good enough to make ULM forfeit, basically.
  4. South Carolina - The Gamecocks looked like they were going to lose by roughly one hundred points on their first few drives. Then the defense locked down, and the offense was less terrible.
  5. Ole Miss - 76 points is a lot. Three isn't.
  6. Auburn - Auburn's offense looked horrible against Louisville, but a defense that isn't awful should keep them competitive in every game this year (assuming their offense straightens it out).
  7. Arkansas - Like many teams on this list, figuring out where to rank Arkansas after their first week is nearly impossible. They looked very good all around, but the rushing statistics after Alex Collins are pretty rough. Their second leading rusher averaged just 2.8 yards per carry. Against UTEP.
  8. LSU - The team I was really looking forward to seeing didn't get to play. Will their quarterback play be better than last season? I guess Mississippi State will find out this weekend.
  9. Tennessee - I do think that Tennessee is better than they were last season, but Bowling Green threw for over 400 yards against them. They've got to solve that problem if they're going to make it through their schedule.
  10. Missouri - Missouri averaged 2.7 yards per carry against Southeast Missouri State. Maybe, just maybe, they'll finally actually be bad.
  11. Florida - Florida looked much improved on Saturday, but it's going to take more than demolishing New Mexico State to tell us anything about the Gators.
  12. Mississippi State - Southern Miss is horrible. Their quarterback, whose name I don't care to learn, threw for over 300 yards against the MSU secondary.
  13. Kentucky - Kentucky looked great... then they let Louisiana Lafayette tie the game up at 33 out of nowhere.
  14. Vanderbilt - It's becoming pretty obvious that James Franklin's recruiting at Vanderbilt was vastly overrated.