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SEC Power Poll: Yes, Ole Miss is still No. 1 in Week 4

The Rebels didn't win in style, but they did win. That's still good for something.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images
  1. Ole Miss - The Rebels had a lot of trouble with Vanderbilt, but the SEC is weird so far this year, so I think it still makes sense to list them #1.
  2. Georgia - Be prepared to hear about the Nick Chubb vs. Derrick Henry matchup roughly 500 times this week.
  3. Alabama - Louisiana-Monroe ran 74 plays. That yielded 92 yards of offense. On behalf of Ole Miss fans everywhere, I'm really sorry to have done that to you, citizens of Monroe.
  4. LSU - LSU passed for over 100 yards this week! It can be done! The funny thing is LSU may just not need it to happen very often.
  5. Florida - It's looking more and more like Will Muschamp was just in waaaaay over his head at Florida.
  6. Texas A&M - An overtime win over Arkansas isn't doing much to deafen the cries of the Aggie doubters.
  7. Mississippi State - The Bulldogs did what they needed to against Auburn, but if that offense can't start producing more with a preseason All-SEC quarterback, Dan Mullen is going to have some difficult questions to answer.
  8. Tennessee - Joshua Dobbs led the team in passing, rushing, and receiving against Florida. Unfortunately for the Vols, his team-leading passing total was 83 yards.
  9. Kentucky - Kentucky may just go bowling. Embrace this moment.
  10. Arkansas - Arkansas averaged 5.5 yards per carry and led the time of possession 40-20 but still lost. Football is weird.
  11. Vanderbilt - I honestly believe the Vanderbilt defense is in the top half of the league. Luckily for Ole Miss the Commodore offense just isn't good.
  12. Missouri - Missouri managed just 338 yards of offense against the VAUNTED Kentucky defense. Oh to be a member of the SEC East.
  13. Auburn - Please keep starting Sean White. He's definitely the answer... especially against Ole Miss.
  14. South Carolina - Gamecock fans can celebrate a big-time comeback win against 0-4 UCF. At one point, SC had managed the ever-elusive five point total.