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RCR Picks for Week Four has Mixed Feelings on BYU, Michigan, Texas A&M, Arkansas, and Whatever Team you Think is Over/Underrated

We promise a lot of these games will be close. We can't promise that they'll be good.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Week two was a really odd one, but week three turned the college football world upside down. Picking who will win straight-up has almost gotten easier than picking against the spread, but that's what we're doing here week after week in a subtle attempt to show you that gambling is a bad idea and that, if you're going to do it, you should never solicit any advice thereto from sports bloggers.

This week has a lot of very surprisingly interesting matchups. Jim Harbaugh's Michigan squad is favored at home against a damn strong BYU team, Texas is maybe bad still(?), UVA looks to play home spoiler against Boise State, and Florida and Tennessee will look like they're playing nightcrawlers instead of football:

So while this is a Pac 12 heavy weekend of bigger games, the closer games are spread out from coast to coast, and should be a pretty good follow leading up to Ole Miss' 20-something point demolition of Vanderbilt.

Using the OddsShark odds as of the morning of Tuesday, September 22, here are our picks for week three, against the spread.

While we are more divided this week than we have been, we're all certainly very interested in the Memphis/Cincinnati and Texas A&M/Arkansas matchups. Memphis is one of the best non power five teams in college football, and Ole Miss has to play them at their house this year, and Texas A&M looks to be Ole Miss' second toughest remaining SEC West opponent after LSU. Will Memphis show some vulnerability against a good (but hobbled) Cincinnati team? Will Texas A&M's defense look like the Texas A&M defenses we're used to and not one that's, you know, really good?

And, really, will it matter? Because even if both teams look pretty strong this weekend, the Rebs are sure to impress as well.

After three weeks, here are the Cup's standings. Zach Berry has taken the lead, which upsets me. Jeff is still in last place:

  1. Berry: 14-7
  2. Juco and Ghost: 13-8
  3. Smeargle and Gray: 12-9
  4. Whiskey Wednesday and Borkey: 11-10
  5. Catfish Jeff: 9-12

This will not stand. Week four is a week of redemption. See y'all back on top next week.