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Rebel of the Week: Alabama

In an effort to eliminate the chances of Chad Kelly and Robert Nkemdiche winning every week I left them off the ballot. There's plenty of praise to go around. Deal with it.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Cody Core - 4 receptions, 123 receiving yards, 1 touchdown

Denzel Nkemdiche - 10 total tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, 1 pass breakup, .5 sack.

Oh, yeah. There's also this.

Welcome back, Taz.

Kendarius Webster - His 6 total tackles and 2 pass break ups don't jump off the stat sheet.  However, the true sophomore was outstanding in pass coverage and run support all while battling an injury.

The Rebel Special Teams unit - The kickoff team was great in coverage when Nate Noble wasn't blasting one of his 5 touchbacks in the endzone and they created a couple of turnovers.  Also, Will Gleeson dropped 3 punts inside the Alabama 20 and Gary Wunderlich confidently drilled all 3 of his field goal attempts.