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SEC Power Rankings: Our Week 3 Ballot

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
  1. Ole Miss - Ole Miss beat the team who I had put at #1 for the first two weeks of the season. Some bounces went the Rebels' way. Some didn't. Chad Kelly looked fantastic at times.
  2. Georgia - Is it possible that UVA just had two very good quarterbacks and had to start one over the other? Matt Johns, who won the job, has kept them competitive against UCLA and Notre Dame. Greyson Lambert just set an NCAA record for completion percentage.
  3. Alabama - The Crimson Tide is still a great team capable of beating anyone on its schedule. Even considering some of the flukiness though, that pass defense didn't look all that menacing.
  4. Texas A&M - Everyone around me keeps waiting for the Aggies to fall off. Does Kenny Thrill's rise to prominence and then nothingness really still sting that much to early Heisman prognosticators?
  5. LSU - Leonard Fournette just might be able to lead a team averaging 70 passing yards a game to an SEC Championship. When he runs, it's like God is playing NCAA Football and put the difficulty setting on Junior Varsity.
  6. Tennessee - The Vols generally demolished Western Carolina, but it has to be troubling to see that WCU averaged 5.7 yards per carry.
  7. Florida - Kentucky's Patrick Towles has proven to be a decent SEC quarterback. His Total QBR rating against Florida's secondary was 15.4. The Gator offense is still atrocious, but maybe the defense can carry them to some level of success.
  8. Mississippi State - State fans chided Ole Miss for "running the score up" on cupcakes. Then they beat Northwestern State 62-13. Do you see now why the Rebels did that? Doesn't it feel wonderful?
  9. Missouri - I think we've finally reached the year when Missouri gets decimated by the conference. Then again, that seemed like the case at this point last year too.
  10. Auburn - LSU sat a number of their starters in the second half of a game against an offseason National Championship contender, and no one thought it was weird. Sorry, Auburn.
  11. Kentucky - That win over South Carolina already looks much worse. But you know, Kentucky may just make a bowl this season. They're better than Vanderbilt and beat South Carolina already. Louisville is beatable.
  12. Arkansas - A multi-score loss to Texas Tech doesn't have the SEC trembling at the thought of the Razorbacks.
  13. Vanderbilt - "Vanderbilt: Not last in the conference since September, 19th of 2015."
  14. South Carolina - Wouldn't it be hilarious if this South Carolina team beat Clemson?