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College Game Day sign odds and Ole Miss/Bama drinking game

Good morning Rebels! It's time to watch America's greatest college football tradition that will feature your Ole Miss Rebels.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that this morning's College Game Day won't be able to hold a candle to the same match up from last year in Oxford, but it's always a great watch, especially when your team is playing at the production's location. Half the fun comes from the signs and what kind of cooky-madooky ideas you crazy fans can create. The hype train for this game is reaching light speed so we expect to see some great signs, specifically geared towards ripping Ole Miss and our great state. We thought it might be fun to post some over/under odds for some sign ideas we are sure will pop up in the background.

Sign idea over/unders

Chad Kelly + machine guns reference : 6.5

#FreeTunsil : 2.5

Hugh Freeze paying croots : 3.5

Generic knock on the state of Mississippi : 5.5

Ole Piss : 2.5

Last week's Auburn game : 3.5

Ole Miss @ Bama drinking game

After College Game Day ends, you'll have a full day's worth of football and drinking to endure before the prime time game between your Ole Miss Rebels and the Crimson Tide. If you've still got room in your stomach come kick off, here's a fun drinking game that will incorporate almost every over told story line that all of the sports talking heads have been hammering all week.

[It's a late kickoff y'all. Please don't drive after playing this game, we want you to be around to celebrate/bemoan the next day.]

The rules

1. If the word "revenge/avenge" is mentioned, drink.

2. If the phrase "70 points" is mentioned, drink.

3. If the phrase "rewriting Chad Kelly's story" is mentioned, drink.

4. If Golson's pick from last year is shown, drink.

5. If the fact that Ole Miss has never beat Bama in consecutive years is mentioned, drink 2 times.

6. If the fact Ole Miss hasn't played anyone in their first 2 games is mentioned, drink 2 times.

7. If Bama's kicker misses a FG, drink 3 times.

8. If Tunsil is shown on the sideline, drink 4 times.

9. If Jake Coker is permanently benched for Cooper Bateman, finish your drink.

10. If Evan Engram catches 10+ receptions, drink 10 times.

11. If Treadwell's injury is referenced, pour your drink on the ground or toast to his honor and drink.

Post your sign wagers and add your own College Game Day sign over/under odds as well as drinking game ideas in the comments below. Hotty Toddy!