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Inside a Chad Kelly film session

The Ole Miss quarterback is an admitted film junkie, so what's it like in his film room as he gets ready for Alabama?

Earlier this week, Hugh Freeze told the gathered media masses that his starting quarterback "watches more film than I do and we're just gonna let him steer this offensive ship from now on." While the second half of that quote is probably something I made up just now, Chad Kelly did confirm his love of watching film, going as far to say that he does it from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed.

More importantly, with this being Alabama week and all, Kelly said that he has watched all of Alabama's games from the last two seasons. This, of course, includes Alabama's loss to Ole Miss last season (PAAAWWWWLLLLLL).

Having watched that game, he will be in the know about several things concerning the way Alabama plays Ole Miss. First, they need face mask penalties to not be called in order to score 41 percent of their points. Second, they are very good at making sure Ole Miss only averages 2.4 yards per carry. And third, they don't really know what to do with Evan Engram.

As we go inside the Chad Kelly film session, we shall watch as he learns how valuable Engram could be against a defense that does not enjoy dealing with a tight end who is put in great spots and knows what he's doing.

Turn on the projector, graduate assistant! Wait, what? Ah, yes. Press 'play', graduate assistant.

As you can see, one of the two linebackers will be charged with assisting in covering Engram. Which one? WHO KNOWS.

By pushing down the field past the linebacker trying to hold him, Engram, combined with Cody Core running down the sideline, has put a great deal of stress on the Alabama safety. Let's see how he handles this situation.


Let's take a look at another scenario.

Here we see Engram lined up with his hand on the ground, as a wide receive comes in motion. On the previous play, Ole Miss used this exact formation and motion, and handed off to Jaylen Walton for a six-yard gain. Let's see what they do here.

Engram releases and gets solo coverage with a linebacker, as the cornerback comes up to take away Walton's flat route. This screenshot also pinpoints the exact moment the Alabama linebacker realizes he's not making this play.

Since Chad loves his film, how about another play?

Now we see Engram setting up other receivers through the power of being a distraction. Initially, the linebacker has responsibility for him, but the corner is on his way to take over because Quincy Adeboyejo is now moving to the middle of the field, which means that he is now the linebacker's responsibility (I know, PATTERN READING COVERAGE HURTS MY HEAD TOO).

The Alabama safety fails to see that the linebacker is now containing Adeboyejo, plus the other safety is charging in because he has seen the Ole Miss receiver on the far side break off his route.

"Coach Saban, we have trouble in quadrant four."

Shall we see another, Chad? I'll take "press that play button, yo" as a yes.

Lots of defenders eligible to cover Engram here. Let's see who is called upon to do so.

How about two guys? Seems like a good call until you notice Jaylen Walton leaking out of the backfield. Surely that won't hurt Alabama will it?


Alright, well, I'm getting pretty tired because it's exhausting counting all of the yards and points Ole Miss is racking up here, so how about we wrap this thi- MORE FILM, CHAD? Hey, you know what, it's your show, buddy. Graduate assistant, fire up the next clip!

And the people said AMEN.