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RCR Picks for Week 3 Likes Memphis but isn't so Sure About Miami

Football is unpredictable, but we give it a go anyway.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Another week has come and gone and another round of our surefire picks have been thoroughly demonstrated to be neither sure nor fire. College football is wacky, you shouldn't bet money on it, and you certainly shouldn't look to this gang of doofuses if you are to bet money on it. Unpredictability aside, we're again picking seven games against the spread as a way to preview what's in store for the week outside of Ole Miss. (Did you hear that we're playing Alabama and it's a big deal? Don't know if that memo made it to your desk or not.)

This week we're picking what is a meaty slate of appetizers that will lead nicely into the nighttime showdown between the Rebels and the Crimson Tide. Can USC beat a wide-ish spread at home against a struggling Stanford? Can Auburn's run defense contain Leonard Fournette (no)? Could Louisville or Clemson emerge as a legitimate threat out of the ACC? Something about Texas? They're still a team? We've got those games and a handful of others this week,

Using the earliest lines from this week, here are our picks for week three, against the spread.

We believe in the grit and the grind of Memphis, and we think Louisville's not good. We're not so sure, though, about Georgia tech, Miami, Nebraska, and Notre Dame. Regardless of how wrong we're bound to be about all of this, this weekend will be a damn fine one for college football.

After two weeks, here are the Cup's standings. As you can see, I'm the smartest, best blogger to have ever, without consequence, picked college football games against the spread. Jeff, though? Not so much:

  1. Ghost: 11-3
  2. Juco and Berry: 10-4
  3. Whiskey Wednesday and Gray: 9-5
  4. Borkey: 8-6
  5. Smeargle: 7-7
  6. Catfish Jeff: 6-8

Let me know how awesome I am in the comments! Thanks, y'all!