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Grovin' with the Cup: Fun with Fresno State in Oxford

You couldn't ask for more perfect weather in the Grove this past weekend. You also couldn't ask for much more of a perfect football game in all phases as the Rebels cruised past Fresno State 73-21.

When the football weather gods close a door, thus making you suffer through a sauna's worth of sweat, they also open a window, in turn allowing the breeze of Heaven to blow through God's country for a perfect Fall football weekend in Oxford. Granted, every day is a beautiful day in Oxford, but this past Saturday was especially perfect. Some days, you just wake up and walk outside and all five of your senses scream out to you, "HEY! It's a Fall football morning in the South! Go turn on College Game Day and pour yourself a Bloody Mary!" This past weekend I did just that before Hugh Freeze's Rebels took advantage of a high of 75 afternoon to rout Fresno State 73-21 while Rebel nation did their part in the Grove.

As we hoped, we had a lot more tweets showing off your Saturdays this week, so shout out to all you loyal cuppers out there that kept those #GroveCup tweets coming. Here are the highlights from this past weekend!


A faux Lyceum surrounded by four mini flat-screens with their own respective football game? Yes please. Any ESPN college football producer would be proud.

At first sight you may be thinking, what is so special about this tent? What you probably aren't noticing is the inconspicuously hidden Grove drone satellite between the tents. Minutes after I took this picture, a Grove drone landed, delivering the Egg Bowl trophy, Sikes Orvis holding a powder blue light saber and a life size replica of Marshall Henderson made of pimiento cheese!

Landshark balloon? CHECK. Red chandelier with candles made of wax from melted magnolias petals? CHECK. Two cooler scooters? AW NAW, HELL NAW, YALL DONE GONE UP AND DID IT!

YOUR tweets

This tent set up is swagolicious. All that cylinder needs is a spigot that pours a party pig of Lazy Magnolia Rebel Ale.

Just in case you bitches were wondering what our go to response is when you come at us with your jive turkey slamma-jamma craycray talk.

Granted Bruce isn't human but actually a toy that could serve as a tool for picking up litter...but jeesum crow, considering Fresno State's O-line, Bruce could have suited up himself and landsharked his way onto the stat sheet with a tackle. Keep cheering.

I see your ADPi button and properly spiked beverage. #salute

@dgmcdowell showed us what it's like to be an investigatory journalist trying to hang a Grove chandelier, doing whatever it takes, no matter how many friends you lose, or people you leave dead and bloodied along the way, just so long as you can make a name for yourself.

Thanks as always for your tweets and pics! Keep them coming two weeks from now when the Rebels host Vanderbilt for a night time kickoff at 6:15 p.m. CST. Have any pics or stories you'd like to share? Post them in the comments below. Until then, beat Bama! See y'all in the Grove!