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SEC Power Poll: Our Week 2 Ballot

Who wants a hug?
Who wants a hug?
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama - They struggled a bit with MTSU, but.... it's Alabama. They're frustratingly simple yet incredibly capable.
  2. Texas A&M - I took A&M lightly heading into the season and chalked them up as an easy win. That was dumb.
  3. Georgia - If Nick Chubb stays healthy, Georgia might make it to Atlanta. He's just incredible.
  4. Ole Miss - Sure, the Rebels haven't played anyone, but they've scored 70 points two weeks in a row. How many other conference teams could do that, even against, say, Toledo or Jacksonville State?
  5. LSU - I'm putting LSU higher than I think they deserve because of my "resume" system. They're 1-0 in the SEC. If they ever do manage to field a good quarterback, maybe they'll win a national championship again. Big if though.
  6. Missouri - Missouri is the first of many teams that's tough to rank. They could be very good and could suck.
  7. Tennessee - Tennessee looked awesome in the first half. Then.... not so much. Depth?
  8. Auburn - LOL
  9. Kentucky - Kentucky fans have to be pretty excited. Sure, they're not good, but they may just go bowling this season. CELEBRATE SIX AND SIX.
  10. Mississippi State - It looks like horrendous recruiting on the offensive line may have finally caught up to Dan Mullen.
  11. Florida - In Florida's defense, East Carolina isn't as bad as you may assume. Still, that was a little too close.
  12. Arkansas - LOLOL
  13. South Carolina - It's over for Steve Spurrier. Time to retire and play lots of golf. Isn't that what you want to do anyway, HBC?
  14. Vanderbilt - The Vanderbilt defense is noticeably better. The offense though-- yikes.