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RCR Picks for Week 2, or 'BOOMER DAMN SOONER'

The squad did alright in our first week of picks (except for Jeff; laugh at Jeff).

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

One week of college football is in the books and with it is one week of our ill-informed picks of seven of college football's most interesting matchups against the spread. This exercise is nothing short of a waste of time, because college football is an unparalleled mix of highly predictable and "wait, Appalachian State beat who" type of outcomes, but it does give us some extra incentive to pay attention to non-Ole Miss games this season.

(Also, its important to note that we're not actually betting on these outcomes. We ain't gamblers; we just write things on the internet. Please don't take any of this as advice.)

Last week, most of us were spot-on in assuming South Carolina would not-suck enough to win and that Ohio State and Alabama would grind out convincing enough wins to beat the spread. Texas A&M stunned the hell out of us though, and we really didn't expect Auburn and Louisville to be all that close - that is, except for Zach and yours truly, who are a perfect 7-0 after this week. Here are the standings after week one:

  1. Ghost and Berry: 7-0
  2. Borkey and Juco: 5-2
  3. Whiskey Wednesday, Gray, and Smeargle: 4-3
  4. Catfish Jeff: 3-4

Week two isn't really a bangup week of college football, but there are some notable contests worth picking, not the least of which are LSU at Mississippi State, Oklahoma at Tennessee, and Oregon at Michigan State. As we did with last week, we are going by the earliest lines for this week's games, because waiting until the last minute to put this whole thing together is a bad idea.  Here are our picks for week two:

So most of us like Sparty at home and LSU in Starkville (NO WE ARE NOT BIASED WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?), and we're picking Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and Memphis across the board. What say y'all? Where are we dead on, and where are we way, way wrong? And what more interesting matchups are we overlooking for week two? Let us know in the comments.