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Tuesday Question: Several of #GAMEWEEK

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

We're rocking the boat this week. Here are SEVERAL questions for you to answer. Do you think you can handle this? I have faith in you all (but I'm sure some of you will let me down). I'll be mentioning the winner in a later post. Assume all stats are Ole Miss specific unless otherwise stated.

1. Which Rebel makes the first tackle not including special teams plays?

2. Do the Rebels score more than 40 points?

3. Which position for Ole Miss will score the first touchdown (only the player physically possessing the ball in the end zone counts)?

4. Will the first Ole Miss offensive play of the game be a run or pass?

5. Will the first completion go for more than 15 yards?

6. Which Ole Miss quarterback will take the most snaps overall?

7. Who will cause the season's first turnover defensively?

8. How many sacks will Ole Miss accumulate defensively?

9. Tie breaker: How many yards of offense will Ole Miss accumulate?

If here's still somehow a tie, I'll just say that the poster I like more wins.