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What Did Hugh Freeze Have to Say During Today's Ole Miss Football Media Day Press Conference?

"Mostly platitudes," you may think. Well, yeah, but there was some good stuff in there too.

Michael Chang/Getty Images

The offseason is over! Fall football camp is here!

To kick off the fall preseason, Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze met with the media today to talk about the state of the program, any significant roster changes, and his expectations for the 2015-16 Rebels football season. He did not divulge too much on his program's lingering offseason questions - namely, what's up with the quarterback situation and when is the NCAA going to burn Laremy Tunsil's house down? - but he provided just enough information to put those issues aside in favor of more optimistic takes.

Here are some of the more notable things he had to say:

  • Regarding the Laremy Tunsil situation, Coach Freeze said that "nothing has changed," other than the charges in the domestic violence case against the offensive tackle being dropped. He added that he was being "fully cooperative" with the NCAA on the matter and is "confident in the way we do things." things."
  • On Treadwell's recovery from ankle surgery, Freeze likes "his demeanor right now." He said that he could have let him loose in the Spring, but decided against it.
  • He also commented on the Rebels' depth and options at many positions, saying that the coaches are "going to play the best players." He has high hopes for several freshmen receivers and defensive backs, who are likely to play. Like our signing class. Love the WRs we signed. Love the DBs. Some going to have to play." That jives with another comment he made about the receivers having to step up during fall camp to earn playing time.
  • On the offensive line, "they have to take a step up. We've got to get better and more efficient in running the football. I feel it's the year." The year for what, exactly, he didn't specify.
  • Freeze seems pretty sure that guard Javon Patterson's going to play a lot as a freshman.
  • On the quarterback situation, Freeze said that Chad Kelly has done well. "To this point, could not be more pleased. One of strength staffs' favorite kids. Finishes first in every drill." He said that Kelly's grades are good and that he's been taking care of himself this offseason. Ryan Buchanan, however, will get the first snaps with the first team this fall, which the coaches will use as an evaluation period. They do intend to rotate Buchanan, Kelly, and Devante Kincade through that number one spot during drills.
  • And on Ole Miss in general, he notes that "our brand certainly has changed since I've been here. We're a factor now, and we're not going away.
He also said that he thinks NASCAR is pretty good and that he doesn't think that people should be beating up hitchhiking robots. Okay, he didn't say that, but you know he thinks it. And, soon enough, we'll have actual football practice to talk about! Happy August, y'all!