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It's been 275 days since Ole Miss last played football (because the Peach Bowl obviously doesn't count), but the wait's almost over. In five short days, you'll be throwing on a button-down or dress, loading up the chicken tenders and heading off to the Grove (unless you're me, in which case you'll be watching the UT Martin game from a bachelor party on the Jersey Shore, fighting drunk guidos and eating rum ham, or whatever goes on up there).

Five day, y'all. FIVE FUCKING DAYS.

One thing to look for on Monday is a possible starting quarterback announcement. It's sounding more and more likely that Hugh Freeze is going to name his starter before the UT Martin game. If that's true, he might as well do it on Monday to give that guy Chad Kelly a full week taking the first-team reps.

(UPDATE: And here ya go, Freeze has named Swaggy C the starter for Saturday.)

We'll be sending tons of content your way all week to get you ready for the season, but for now let's check in on a some news and notes from around the Ole Miss sports universe.

Hugh Freeze says he's serious about starting all 3 QBs

Chad is probably gonna get the nod, but all three guys may technically end up starting on Saturday. Take it away, Hugh (via a Q&A with The Clarion-Ledger):

I told a group at one of these road trips ... "I've decided on a starter," and everyone's ears perked up, and I said, "I'm starting all three. So the first play of the first game, I'm going to have a play where all three are out there, so y'all can remove the suspense. All three are starting the game." I don't know if they knew how to take it. They kind of just sat there. But I might do that. I was actually playing at that time, but it kind of sounds like a good idea. I'm just going to start all three and we'll come up with some fancy play for them.

I think this would be pretty hilarious fwiw.

Ole Miss sets season ticket sales record

You may remember the athletic department announcing back in June that it had sold out of all 43,672 of its season tickets. But that number didn't include student tickets. Now that the students have sold out, that number is significantly higher.

4-star WR Drake Davis delays his decision

Davis, who spent Sunday afternoon helping Shea Patterson and IMG Academy demolish Miramar High on ESPNU, was all set to make his college announcement on national TV -- an announcement that most folks figured would end with him donning a Rebs cap (the 247 Crystal Ball has him 79 percent Ole Miss, 21 percent LSU). But Davis decided to put the decision on hold because he felt "pressured," according to ESPN's Derek Tyson.

That certainly doesn't mean the Rebs have lost the lead or anything, but it's not necessarily good news either, especially after he showed off this kind of speed on the game's opening kick:

(Side note: What the hell was tiny-ass No. 33 gonna do if he caught Davis anyway?)

Hang in there, folks. Just FIVE MORE DAYS.