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Podcast Rebellion 1.32: Would a black bear habitat improve the Ole Miss game day atmosphere?

On this week's episode Borkberry dive headfirst to take a look at what could improve the football team, the city of Oxford, which SEC games are the biggest of the year and much, much more.

Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Well, we are officially under two weeks until college football is back in Oxford, Mississippi. Feels good. So what better way to celebrate this then by listening to Borkberry rant and rave about football, food and wild animals in the Magnolia State? This week, the fellas tackle the question of what is Ole Miss football missing? They break down their choices of what players would add another dimension to the Rebels and also what thing could add something to this year's squad.

Also, the hosts discuss what could possibly add charm to the greatest college town in all the land. Is it more restaurants? More bars? Or bringing back something that was lost? There's no telling what these rascals will talk about, but you can bet it will get you ready for college football and get you through your work day.

  • Should Ole Miss hold out Tony Conner until week one September 19th?
  • Why can't Kirby Smart figure out how to slow down the hurry up, no huddle offense?
  • Is Shea Patterson just a 7-on-7 quarterback or is he the real deal?
  • If you could box any college football player in a locker room, who would it be?
  • What bar/restaurant that is no more in Oxford would you bring back?
  • Out of all the top 10 SEC games of the year, which one would you want to attend?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I just now realized that I misspoke about Oxford's beloved Gin, it closed in the 1990's and it burned down in the late 2000's. My apologies.