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Which week could College GameDay return to Ole Miss?

You know Corso and the gang want to head back to Oxford. These three games are the best shots for that to happen.

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It took far too long, but ESPN's College GameDay finally made its much-anticipated maiden voyage to the Grove last season. Lee Corso wore a seersucker suit (out of season, but whatevs), Katy Perry made LSU corndog jokes, Wright Thompson drawled elegant, whimsical ballads about solo cups and Ole Miss beat No. 1 Bama on a last-minute interception. The whole thing was fucking fantastic.

ESPN, of course, loved it. GameDay's producer called it "the best on-campus experience I've been part of," and you best believe the show is eying a return trip.

If that trip is gonna happen this season, though, it'll have to wait until late October at the earliest. Ole Miss' only home SEC game between now and then is Vandy, and having Bama and Auburn on the road doesn't help. But the positive to playing a backloaded schedule is that the Rebs could realistically head into an Oct. 24 home game against A&M with a 6-1 record (that one loss coming on the road in Tuscaloosa).

Here are the three games that could theoretically bring GameDay back to Oxford:

Texas A&M on Oct. 24

Other games that day

- Auburn at Arkansas
- Tennessee at Alabama
- Florida State at Georgia Tech

This would require a big turnaround from A&M, which already had three losses by this point in the schedule last season. But if the Aggies' offense lives up to its potential and John Chavis turns around the defense, they could win early-season games against Arkansas and State and arrive in Oxford with a loss to Bama as the only scuff on their record. Two one-loss SEC West teams showing down in late October sounds GameDay worthy to me.

But there's stiff competition. Auburn at Arkansas could be a big game (though in this scenario, the Hogs have already lost to A&M and have made a trip to Tuscaloosa) and Tennessee's trek to Bama could be big if the Vols have managed to keep their preseason hype alive. Plus FSU and Georgia Tech should have all kinds of implications for the ACC title.

The likelihood: It's possible, but I'm not buying a dramatic turnaround from A&M. Throw in three potential big-time games that weekend, and GameDay in Oxford doesn't seem likely.

Arkansas on Nov. 7

Other games that day

- Florida State at Clemson
- Arizona at USC
- LSU at Alabama

Ole Miss will have just played Auburn the week before, which means their stock will be a) skyrocketing after knocking off a top-10 team on the road or b) suffering through a post-loss hangover.

The Razorbacks, for their part, will have had to make it through a four-game stretch of A&M, Tennessee, Bama and Auburn. If the Hogs can keep the form they showed down the stretch of last season, they could go 3-1 through that gauntlet and show up in Oxford with legit designs on an SEC West title. With that said, it's hard to imagine LSU-Bama not being the game of the week here.

The likelihood: There are some really big games this weekend, and Ole Miss-Arkansas probably won't be the biggest. Corso can probably save his seersucker for another day.

LSU on Nov. 21

Other games that day

- TCU at Oklahoma
- Arizona at Arizona State
- Michigan State at Ohio State
- USC at Oregon

If the Tide has tripped up by this point, LSU-Ole Miss could realistically be the game that decides the SEC West. The Rebs will have probably needed to beat Bama and/or Auburn for that to happen, but that's certainly within the realm of possibility.

We probably won't have to worry about any other SEC games that weekend (State-Arkansas, Tennessee-Mizzou and A&M-Vandy are the only other conference matchups), though there's a good chance Michigan State-OSU could be the deciding factor in the Big Ten East.

The likliehood: If GameDay is gonna come to Oxford, this is the most likely week. The Rebs will have to be in contention for the division title until the second to last week of the season, but crazier things have happened.