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Ole Miss ranked No. 17 in AP preseason top 25

GO GET YOUR PITCHFORKS: The first AP top 25 poll of 2015 was released Sunday, and the Rebels are sitting down at No. 17.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Associated Press published its preseason top 25 College Football rankings on Sunday, and Ole Miss finds itself at No. 17. Let's burn this mother down.

Though Bill Connelly tried his damnedest to stir the CFB pot this week, the AP top 25 actually kind of means something, to the extent that committee members and voters and analytics gurus and writers and pundits and your uncle Dave now know one of the firing posts from which the proverbial shit will be slung at the proverbial fan when all hell breaks loose next month.

The Rebs are the fifth of eight SEC teams clocking into the top 25, and No. 9 Georgia is the only SEC East squad above them. The SEC West received four nods other than Ole Miss: No. 3 Alabama, No. 6 Auburn, No. 14 LSU, and No. 18 Arkansas, all of whom the Rebs will meet once conference play commences this season.

The full preseason top 25 is below.

2015 AP Preseason Top 25

Rank Team
1 Ohio State
3 Alabama
4 Baylor
5 Michigan State
6 Auburn
7 Oregon
9 Georgia
10 FSU
11 Notre Dame
12 Clemson
14 LSU
15 Arizona State
16 Georgia Tech
17 Ole Miss
18 Arkansas
19 Oklahoma
20 Wisconsin
21 Stanford
22 Arizona
23 Boise State
24 Missouri
25 Tennessee