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Meet the Rebels Day recap from someone who did not attend

Just because you didn't go to something isn't a good reason to not recap the events of that something.

Saturday marked Ole Miss' annual Meet the Rebels Day, which provides fans with a chance to, as the title of the day suggests, meet players and coaches and personally express to them a fondness of their abilities to CRUSH THE SPIRITS AND WILLS TO COMPETE of their opponents. More importantly for some, autographs can be collecting during said expressing of fondness.

This event is something that takes place at every school (unless Paul Johnson is really pissed off about something), though not all schools believe in organized, non-stampede fan days (AIN'T NO CHAMPIONSHIPS EVER WON BY WALKING, PAAWWWLLLL). It's also an event that I did not attend for various reasons that are related to living multiple hours away, being anti-autograph, and preventing myself from being able to write a rambling post entitled "Meet The Rebels Day Recap From Someone Who Did Not Attend".

However, just because I wasn't there doesn't mean I can't harness the power of the Internet and recap what happened. So let's get to it and find out what happened on this #blessed (but not #AuburnBlessed) day.

The immediate area of focus was on the quarterbacks. Who would take command of the autographs?

It's difficult to tell from that angle, but if we rely on the narrative, which is the safest of all the crutches available to us, it's pretty obvious Ryan Buchanan managed his autographs well, with no real eye-popping results, DeVante Kincade struggled with consistency (though did have some nice signings here and there), and Chad Kelly had some home run autographs thanks to that powerful hand of his, but wasn't as sharp as he needed to be. Could've been better, could've been worse.

In the stretch of offensive linemen, which was in the same area as the quarterbacks, autograph meatiness went up by a good 5,000%.

If you notice, you can't really make out Laremy Tunsil in that group. I'm not sure if that's because he's not willing to #GRIND due to being soft, or if it means he's a #PreMadonna and doesn't have time for the people. I'm unclear on the exact reason* because I have a hard time keeping up with all the rules that encompass the area of #GRIND (probably because I'm not a #GRINDER).

*Definitely NOT the camera angle. Not a chance of that, buster.

Speaking of not #GRINDING, here's Laquon Treadwell not running an obstacle course of tractor tires, barbed wire, and fire, opting instead to be nice to a small child.


Over at Hugh Freeze's table, children were beyond delighted to meet him.

I assume that child just received the answer to his question of "Coach, what's our offensive guard depth looking like without Rod Taylor?".

On the side of the field with the defense and special teams, I'm not really sure what happened. I attribute the lack of pictures of defensive players and Will Gleeson showcasing his didgeridoo* between autographs to all cameras being eaten by the defensive line rotation, as they were in need of an early afternoon snack.

Though, here is a shot of the man that most likely gave the go-ahead to eat all of those cameras.

It's also unclear whether David Kellum is lost in Dave Wommack's eyes or dreaming of screaming a long touchdown call on your radio.

Well, without much more material to scrape together, that just about does it for the Meet the Rebels Day 2015 recap. As you can see, it was a day of fun for the whole family, enjoyable fan/player interactions, and ZERO #GRIND.

*Lazy joke? NO DOUBT. But it would've been awesome if that's how he spent his Meet the Rebels Day.