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Laremy Tunsil, stepdad officially drop charges against each other

Both parties filed dismissal forms, which were authorized by a judge on Monday.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Laremy Tunsil arrest drama -- the legal side of it, anyway -- looks like it will be coming to an end on Monday. The lawyers of the star Ole Miss tackle and his stepdad, Lindsey Miller, have agreed to drop the assault charges against one another, according to Riley Blevins of The Clarion-Ledger. Both sides have signed dismissal charges forms, which will be reviewed to be signed by a judge on Monday.

UPDATE: The judge indeed signed off on it on Monday -- the charges are officially dropped

This outcome isn't exactly a surprise. A law professor told the Cup back in June that Miller's claims against Tunsil were on shaky ground given the lack of hard evidence. That became even more clear earlier this month when, after a circus of a hearing that saw Miller represent himself (while wearing camo), a judge tossed the restraining order Miller filed against Tunsil.

The charges against both men originated from a June 25 fight. Miller claimed Tunsil jumped him when Miller raised objections about his stepson hanging out with NFL agents. Tunsil claimed he stepped in to protect his mom after Miller shoved her.

But the legal side of this has long been a secondary concern to the NCAA's official investigation, which began after Miller alleged that Tunsil not only had inappropriate dealings with pro agents, but received improper benefits during his recruitment. Miller's credibility is about as thin as the Rebs' offensive line depth at this point, but you never know what can happen when the NCAA starts sniffing around.