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Podcast Rebellion 1.28: The Dating Game with Nick Saban

Borkberry welcome in The Ghost of Jay Cutler to discuss several riveting offseason topics such as Nick Saban's dating advice, which SEC program is the worst, NCAA Football 16 ratings and much more.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the whirlwind of college footbal crootin that has swept through the Ole Miss Football program the past two weeks, it has been your typical offseason. So what does that mean? A fun-filled podcast with random nonsense with Borkberry and the Ghost of Jay Cutler.

This week, the fellas have no real agenda heading into episode 28, they just kind of talk about the important things that are going on in the world right now. The real issues that you , the fans of the Cup, want to hear about. These are the issues that are too real for any network television news outlet to address. But, don't worry we cover all of it this week.

  • Where does Elton John rank on the list of greatest performers ever?
  • What song gets you fired up for college football?
  • Does Borkey's rendition of "Tiny Dancer" get you fired up for college football?
  • Who are the bottom five football programs in the Southeastern Conference?
  • Can the Rebels keep up the crootin momentum to finish in the top five?
  • So Nick Saban's hall pass is Hillary Clinton; real thing or just the politically correct choice?

Listen in the Soundcloud widget below, on iTunes or on VSporto's Rebel Sports Radio app.