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Greg Hardy may or may not have dropped a new rap album

At least two outlets reported that the former Rebel released a new album on Wednesday, but Hardy himself says somebody released a warmed-over edit of his stuff.

Former Ole Miss defensive end, convicted woman beater, and current Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy appeared to have dropped a new album on Wednesday, only to repudiate said album on Thursday. What the hell.

In a very Hardy-esque turn of events, somebody under the name @DJMany tweeted a link to this iTunes page shilling a new joint by a certain "Greg Hardy" called "Governing Past Dues." One track, "It's Whatever," purportedly features Houston-based rapper Slim Thug. Hardy has alluded to his rap aspirations before, and last year -- finding some free time away from football after assaulting his girlfriend -- he was seen to film a music video and get the hook from rapping at a club in Charlotte.

Yet, according to Hardy, the album "Governing Past Dues" produced by DJ Many is not Hardy's album at all. Should that falsehood prove to be true, one may feel a mild sense of letdown, to the extent that listening to a batterer of women flail about in stereo can be an aesthetic experience. Here's Hardy disowning "Governing Past Dues:"

Alas, no new album. But impersonating -- of all people -- Greg Hardy? Somebody with access to mixing technology reworked Hardy's own rhymes and released those rhymes under Hardy's name? If this all sounds head-scratchingly bizarre, do bear in mind the personality under question here: Greg Hardy, who strangled his girlfriend and threw her into a bathtub and onto a couch piled with loaded guns; Greg Hardy, whose Twitter handle @OverlordKraken may well be the name of a Copenhagen-based death-metal band; Greg Hardy, who almost definitely is dropping a new album sometime in the future, just not this week. Apparently. Maybe.