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Ole Misc.: Laquon Treadwell is 'better than ever,' Brady Bramlett is coming back to Oxford

Treadwell's teammates say he's even faster and more explosive than before his injury, Mike Bianco gets his top statistical pitcher back for the 2016 season and State fans are mad that Hugh Freeze still talks to Chris Jones.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

It's been less than nine months since Laquon Treadwell dislocated his ankle and fractured his leg in that disaster against Auburn. But according to reports coming out of workouts, the star Ole Miss receiver is not only back to his previously freakish level of physical ability, he's even better.

Granted, those reports came from teammates Mike Hilton and Evan Engram, who aren't exactly the most objective observers. But still, they were straight up fawning over his recovery during SEC Media Days last week.

"Going up against him and stuff," Hilton told The Clarion-Ledger, "man, he's jumping higher. He's better than ever. He looks way more explosive."

"Just from the workouts we had, with him getting in and out of his cuts and getting to the ball, he looks like he has a lot more power," said Engram. "Just talking to him, he said he feels faster."

Treadwell has reportedly dropped a few pounds (Engram and Hilton estimated he's in the 205-210 range, down from 220 last season), which explains the speed increase.

We won't really know the extent of his recovery until he starts taking shots during live action, but this is sure as hell encouraging.

Brady Bramlett turns down pro ball to come back to Oxford

The Rebel pitching staff has some holes to fill for next season: Friday night ace Christian Trent was drafted and signed by the Brewers, big-time bullpen arm Scott Weathersby is off to the Astros, reliever Jacob Waguespack made the surprise decision to sign as an undrafted free agent and longtime Sunday starter Sam Smith graduated (let's not pretend to be too upset with that last one, though).

But Mike Bianco doesn't have to worry about replacing his Saturday starter. Brady Bramlett, who actually went two rounds ahead of Trent in the draft (22nd round to the A's), announced over the weekend that he's coming back to Oxford for his senior season. That's huge, and based on the stats, you could make the argument that it's more significant than if Trent had decided to come back.

2015 stats
Bramlett Trent
W-L 7-4 7-7
ERA 3.74 3.74
BB 21 22
K 83 72
B/AVG .246 .283

Bramlett will end up filling one of the top two spots in the rotation next year. Sean Johnson, the big-armed JUCO transfer who was supposed to be the Saturday guy in 2015 before going down with an injury, will likely fill the other spot. The Sunday role could be a battle between rising sophomore Will Stokes and incoming JUCO transfer Chad Smith (who also turned down an MLB contract after going in the 23rd round).

Hugh Freeze still talks to Chris Jones and State fans are pissed about it

With the SEC media machine in high gear, Hugh Freeze and his fellow head ball coaches found themselves in Bristol on Monday as part of ESPN's annual coaches "car wash." Amid a day full of mildly interesting interviews and a shit ton of coach speak, Freeze made the offhand comment that he still sometimes talks to star Mississippi State D-lineman Chris Jones on the phone "about life."

As you can imagine, Grinder Nation was NOT pleased by this. Jones was a five-star who's decision between Oxford and Starkville came down to the wire on National Signing Day 2013. State fans being State fans, they've started yelling and shouting about NCAA violations, subterfuge tactics and general nefariousness.

So let me understand the logic here: two and a half years after Jones committed to State, Freeze is calling him to convince him to come back to Oxford, then discussing this major NCAA infraction openly on the biggest sports network on the planet?

Yea. Ok.