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Hugh Freeze is 'confident' that Ole Miss didn't commit Laremy Tunsil violations

But I mean, what else was he gonna say?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Hugh Freeze, publicly at least, isn't too concerned about all of the infraction rumors floating around the 305-pound anchor of his offensive line. While speaking during SEC Media Days on Thursday, the Rebel head coach expressed confidence that an ongoing NCAA probe would clear both the football program and left tackle Laremy Tunsil of alleged wrongdoings.

"I'm confident in the person that Laremy is," Freeze said, via Riley Blevins of The Clarion-Ledger. "I know that we will cooperate fully with whatever is going on, whether it be with the NCAA or the criminal part. But again, extremely confident in who we are and our core values.

"I'm confident. I know the way things are done around our place."

The NCAA, of course, is looking into allegations made by Tunsil's stepdad, Lindsey Miller, that the star lineman 1) accepted improper benefits during his recruitment and 2) had illegal dealings with NFL agents as recently as this summer. Shadowing those allegations is the fact that both men were arrested for fighting one another several weeks back and aren't exactly on friendly terms at the moment.

Freeze did stop short of flat out calling the stepdad a liar, offering no comment when asked by The Clarion-Ledger if he felt comfortable labeling any or all of Miller's allegations false.

When asked whether Tunsil would be on the field if the season were to start today, Freeze responded, "absolutely." (Technically Tunsil is still rehabbing his horrific leg injury, but we know what ya mean, coach.)