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Laremy Tunsil's Stepdad Lawyers up with a Starkville-based Attorney, Pleads Not Guilty

And here's the best part: his attorney is a Mississippi State fan, because of course he is.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Lindsey Miller, the stepdad of Ole Miss all-American offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil, pleaded not guilty to his charge of domestic violence at an arraignment this morning. The plea was entered through his attorney, Matthew Wilson. When reached by the Clarion-Ledger for comment, Mr. Wilson cited that "very often cases are tried in the media before they get to go to trial," and that he and his client intend to "respect the decorum of the court and not comment further at this time."

What is interesting about this development is that Miller had represented himself at a hearing last week, during which his restraining order against Tunsil was lifted. That hearing, to put it mildly, didn't go so well for Mr. Miller, as he was easily outmatched by Tunsil's experienced representation. He generally didn't show restraint, gave contradictory and conflicting information, and made a 12-year-old boy cry (no, really). So he took our advice and lawyered up.

So just who would Lindsey Miller look to for representation (or, just as likely, who would seek out Lindsey Miller to represent him)?

"Hold on now, just because he's in Starkville doesn't mean anything," you're thinking. "There are lawyers everywhere, and they're all professionals. This most likely isn't some diehard Mississippi State fan looking at hopping on an opportunity to get Laremy Tunsil in legal trouble and Ole Miss, vicariously, in NCAA trouble, right?"

I dunno, you be the judge.

A large cover photo of Dak Prescott and an Ole-Miss-has-a-bear-mascot jab on the same personal Facebook page? Yeah, he's a Mississippi State fan (and graduate, per his firm's Facebook page). And that's okay! Mississippi State fans can be attorneys too! And we're hesitant to make any suggestions about the motives of Mr. Wilson or Mr. Miller. We just think this whole story has gotten much, much more entertaining as a result of this bit of news.

I mean, of course a Mississippi State fan would take this case, right? Even after Mr. Miller was largely discredited by Tunsil's representation last week, every salt-of-the-Earth grinder admitted to the bar has to fulfill his Bulldog duty to ensure this man has proper representation, especially if it means potentially getting TSUN in trouble with the NCAA.

#TheNetwork will never know what hit it.

[But there I go again, presuming the motives of the parties involved here, something I really shouldn't do. So here's what I'll say: Mr. Miller is entitled, as an American, to proper representation in a court of law. The Sixth Amendment says so! So good on Mr. Miller for seeking this council and good on Mr. Wilson for providing it. We trust that all parties will respect the court and the system in which it operates, and bring a swift, just end to this whole thing.]